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What is Group Life Insurance?


Group Life insurance coverage , also known as group life assurance, is one of the most important and cost-effective employee benefits you can offer to your employees. How does it work? Group Life Assurance is formed by one single contract covering an entire group of people. It entails a policy owner, which can be an employer or entity such as an association or labor organization, and the policy coverage, which includes all employees or members of an existing group. If you need help with group life insurance cost in Nigeria, let us know, we are here to help (Link to landing page).

Family and financial security come at the top of the ladder of life priorities for most. It brings about a higher sense of security, happiness, motivation, productivity and more. Why not ensure this to your employees within their workplace? After all, we all know that a productive workforce is a key driver of an organization’s success.

Group Life Insurance in Nigeria – A real life example | Video


Mr. John was a business owner of a small business in Lagos. He was a happy man as he knew that his family and financial stability was well protected. Everyday he would happily work, feeling motivated and productive, like a natural leader.

However, when arriving at his workplace he realised that his staff did not feel the same way. He strived to build up a positive atmosphere, yet he found that something essential was missing. He understood that his team did not feel the security for them or their family as he did, and this made them feel unmotivated, which in turn, also affected him.

By having a Group Life and Accident Insurance as a part of your employee benefits package, you will create and enable a secure environment for your employees, which in turn will boost their overall productivity and performance at their workplace.

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Characteristics of Group Life Insurance in Nigeria


  1. The Entity or Employer is the Policy owner and keeps the actual insurance policy, known as Master Contract.

    1. In essence, the administration of group insurance differs from individual insurance as the contract is made with the employer rather than with each individual. Therefore, there isn’t a stand alone Group Life policy for individuals, as the policy owner would be the employer or union head.

  1. The cost of coverage in Group Life Insurance in Nigeria is usually cheaper than the cost you would pay for an individual employee with a similar amount of protection.

    1. Indeed, by purchasing Group Life Insurance policy coverage through an insurance provider on a wholesale basis for your employees, companies are able to secure costs for each individual group member at a much lower rate than if they were to purchase an Individual Life policy.

  1. Because of the size of its membership, free cover limits can be granted.

    1. This is the amount of cover that each individual policy member can buy without any required medical evidence or underwriting.

  1. Companies with over 5 employees are obliged to have Group Life insurance in Nigeria as employee benefits.

    1. As stated by the Pension Reform Act 2004, companies with +5 staff members are required to have Group Life and the employer is required to bear all costs in relation to procurement of Group Life Assurance Policy (in addition to, and separate from, the contributions made by the employer to each employee’s Retirement Savings Account (RSA)).

  1. The premium payable depends on the ages of the insured in the group and the Sum Assured, either in multiple of annual earnings or in a lump.


Benefits of Group Life Insurance


Once we have understood what Group Life Insurance is and what it entails, let’s take a run down the advantages that including it in your employee benefits package has for you and you employees:

Brings Value for Employers



Brings Value for Employees


What is the Difference between Group Life Insurance and NSIFT?


The first difference between GLI and NSIFT is their nature. For one, GLI comes from an employer,whereas NSIFT is a Social Insurance Scheme. Payment upon death situations is also different: here GLI would pay in a total sum of several months of salaries while NSIFT would pay it out monthly.

However, they do have similarities in the way that, in essence, they are both mandatory to an extent. Indeed, the Employees Compensation Act has made social insurance with Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) compulsory for all staff and employers in the public and private sectors nationwide. And by law, if companies have more than a certain number of staff, they would also need GLI. Which in turns, makes it more expensive for the employer to operate.

Help your employees and their families stay financially protected and better prepared, while nurturing and enjoying the benefits of a motivated and productive workforce from within.

(Reference: https://www.pencom.gov.ng/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Revised-Guideline-on-GLIP-2020.pdf


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