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As crime rates and levels of concern related to crimes like burglary continue to rise in Nigeria (Statista), every day more Nigerians consider burglary insurance as an option for their home or business insurance.

What is Burglary Insurance


Burglary insurance recompenses for damage or loss caused by insured valuable items and property due to burglary or housebreaking. Now, before we dive deep into the function of burglary insurance, let´s first define what a burglary is:

A burglary occurs whenever a person enters your property to perform any unlawful act.

The function of burglary insurance is to protect your business and home property from any unlawful act carried by a trespassing person. This type of insurance may be advisable when you have an independent house, own a shop, live in a gated community apartment, or any unforeseen property.

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When Burglary Insurance may not cover you


Unfortunately, you should note that certain situations will not allow you to be compensated in the event of burglary or theft; this is called warranty exclusions. Some examples are:


How to receive compensation from burglary insurance after theft:


Depending on the guarantee conditions of your home insurance contract, you may be eligible for compensation. If the incident happened in your business, check your business insurance policy. If you don´t have any kind of business insurance, this article explaining why you need business insurance may be of your interest. In order to become eligible for compensation after a theft, you will have to start with the following two steps:

File a complaint:


First of all, it is important to keep all possible evidence of the theft, such as a broken lock or anything else. It’s your first duty to go to the nearest police station as soon as possible to fill a complaint about the robbery. The complaint must be sent to your insurer with your claim.

Inform your burglary insurance provider:


The second step is to contact your insurance company. Your insurer will estimate the damage and attach the evidence to your complaint. You will also need any document that can justify the existence of the goods that have been stolen to assess the damage caused.

Depending on the information you have communicated to your insurance company, they may decide to delegate an expert to provide a precise estimate of the situation. The evidence you provide will influence the insurer’s decision regarding the amount of compensation to be paid to you. Keep in mind that if there is a deductible you may have to pay for it.

Warning: If you make a late declaration to the insurer, it may invoke a forfeiture of guarantee and you may lose your right to compensation.

How to Proceed, and What Information is Required at the Time of a Burglary crime?


Fill Out a Declaration


The declaration can be done in different ways:


Note that, when making the declaration, it is in the interest of the insured to be as precise as possible and to provide as much information as possible, such as:


Provide Proof of Burglary and Stolen Items


To benefit from compensation, you will have to prove the authenticity of the robbery:


Contact YOA Insurance Brokers:


Our experts will guide you through the process of filing the claim with your insurer.

Here is some extra advice:



If you need any help regarding burglary insurance, expect more and consult YOA Insurance Brokers for help.


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