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Insurance Due Diligence

Large scale development projects move the economy forward, but they also come with known and unknown risks.

It’s our job to make sure that project investors can manage their risk exposures – and we have helped investors in power, energy, marine, infrastructure and PPP/PFI projects to do so.
We deliver support to our clients through the project cycle, including pre and post-financial close and any re-financing.

Our work can include:
Risk and insurance analysis

We identify the insurable and uninsurable risks faced by the project participants.

Contract analysis

Our review of the project and financing documentation, and the identification of risk ensures that the insurance arrangements address such risks and are consistent and achievable.

Negotiating insurance cost sharing

We can negotiate insurance cost sharing and future uninsurability provisions with the concessionaire or contractor and the award body.

Risk transfer advice

We identify traditional and non-traditional insurance partners to take over the risk.

The loan agreement

We work with legal, technical and other advisers to make sure that the insurance requirements of the loan agreement are robust.

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