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YOA Direct

Marketing experts

YOA Direct is focused on helping companies sell insurance products to individuals in Nigeria. Most Nigerians are uninsured or under-insured, and we aim to change that. We blend multi-channel marketing, product design, data analytics and technology to create and drive opportunities to sell to Bancassurance customers and affinity group members.

Visit www.yoadirect.com to find out more.

YOA Consulting

Dependable insights

YOA Consulting provides considered advice on insurance and risk, and thrives on finding innovative answers to complex and unusual risk situations.

We delve beneath the surface and so our clients clearly understand the value of their assets and the potential risks that they face. Our services include valuations and risk surveys, insurance due diligence and claims advisory, across a range of sectors.

Visit www.yoaconsulting.com to find out more.

YOA Insurance Brokers

Expect More

YOA Insurance Brokers provides many of Nigeria’s top companies with comprehensive professional advice and innovative risk solutions – backed up by exceptional service.

Because we are one of the top three brokers for energy insurance in Nigeria we can use our strong relationships with insurers to get the best cover for our clients.

Our clients benefit from our rigorous approach. We invest time to really understand our clients’ business, so we can take all eventualities into account to ensure they have the right amount of cover, at the best rates.

Visit www.yoainsurance.com to find out more.

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